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SUPERIONIC Ultra Light and Quietest Dryer on the Market

SUPERIONIC Ultra Light and Quietest Dryer on the Market

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The Ferrli Superionic dryer is a patented motor dryer and is one of the quietest and lightest on the market. The current of the dryer is incomparably softer than a normal dryer, which guarantees drying with less heat damage to the hair.

High speed airflow dryer technology. The Ferrli dryer has tunnel "airflow" technology, which guarantees extremely fast and gentle hair with less heat damage to the hair.

Turbojet System. It is an innovative air blowing system that generates a huge flow of air from the bottom to the top. The air supplied to the hair in this way is extremely concentrated, but at the same time extremely gentle and does not damage the hair.

Has 500 million negative ion generator. The SUPERIONIC hair dryer saturates the hair with millions of ions at the hair structure level, making the hair extremely shiny, soft and healthier. This is the number 1 technology for lightened hair.

It is one of the quietest and lightest dryers on the market. This dryer weighs only 358g. and has "babe mode" technology, it is so quiet that you can dry it next to your baby.

Self-cleaning system. The Ferrli dryer has a self-cleaning system. Drying has never been so easy!

Different nozzles for styling hair. With the Ferrli dryer, you can dry perfectly without heat damage and create your hairstyle at the same time. Different tips will allow you to achieve fashionable curls or extremely shiny hairstyles.

If you've been looking for the best dryer, you've found it!

Technical specifications:
Zero speed motor: 120.000RPM
Sound: Super quiet 54dcb.
Weight: Ultra light weighs about 350g.
Cable length: 3 m.
Turbojet system
Extremely powerful 500 mln. Ion generator
Self-cleaning system
3 different nozzles including diffuser.

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