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Ferrli Infrared Dryer with negative ion generator

Ferrli Infrared Dryer with negative ion generator

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Ferrli dryer is perhaps the only one on the European market that has all 4 of the world's safest hair technologies. Therefore, it will become the best choice of all dryers on the market.

One of the most powerful 2400W motors is installed in the dryer.
Which protects your hair from excess heat, drying it twice as fast, so heat damage is not felt at all. Thanks to the powerful motor, even the lowest heat temperature is enough to dry your hair quickly.

Built-in silver ion generator.
Which, acting at the structure level, will saturate the hair with millions of silver ions, so the hair will acquire a special shine and softness. It will become much healthier at the structural level. This is a MUST in appliances if hair is lightened.

Stimulates new hair growth.
In medicine, infrared therapy has become extremely widespread. By directing the infrared rays in the Ferrli dryer to the scalp, you will stimulate new hair growth and blood circulation in the scalp. You will see many small hairs growing after a few months of use.

Hair scales are closed during drying.
When drying with infrared rays along the entire length of the hair, the hair scales are closed, so the hair no longer splits or splits. On the contrary, it will protect the hair from external drying and will acquire a special shine.

Suitable for drying even particularly damaged hair.
Thanks to its safest technology, the Ferrli dryer is designed to dry even extremely damaged hair after dyeing or chemically damaged hair.
Believe me, this dryer will become the secret of your most beautiful, shiny hair!

Technical specifications:

• Infrared function
• Negative ion generator
• 3 speed settings
• 3 temperature settings, additionally built-in cold air blowing
• 3 different nozzles including diffuser
• Unique Soft touch non-slip design
• Power: 2400W
• Weight: 700 grams
• 2.5m long cable
• 2-year Global Warranty is provided.
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