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Fogiutte Pro photoepilator "Glowing skin"

Fogiutte Pro photoepilator "Glowing skin"

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Fogiutte Pro next-generation cold technology photoepilator "Glowing skin".
The next generation Fogiutte Pro hair removal photoepilator " Glowing skin" with cold
technology, with a record number of 1 million light shots. Even more compact, even
more modern than its predecessor.

This is one of the most modern and latest cold technology laser photoepilators on the
market. With this " Glowing skin Fogiutte Pro" photoepilator, you can get rid of
unwanted hair in a record short time of 4 - 6 weeks.

You can also take advantage of the innovative built-in skin rejuvenation function, which
eliminates fine wrinkles and improves skin tone.

Innovative Fogiutte Pro cold technology
Thanks to this technology, the heat level is lower, so the procedure is completely

Latest generation quartz lamp
ensures safe and quick "putting to sleep" of hair. You will be able to safely and quickly
remove unwanted hair from all desired body areas and enjoy smooth, even skin.

1 million light flashes
This is a record number of flashes. These 1 million laser flashes will last a lifetime for
any woman.

After 4 weeks, you will notice a decrease in your hair growth
Using the device twice a week for the first 4 weeks, you will notice a decrease in your
hair. After 4 weeks, repeat the session once a week until you achieve the desired result.
After 6-8 weeks of use, you will achieve a complete cessation of hair follicle growth.*

One "Glowing skin" device for each body area
A specially designed device body that perfectly adapts to every part of your body,
allowing you to perform procedures quickly and effectively and enjoy smooth, hair-free

The latest 0.6s cold light flash
Advanced Intense Pulsed Light technology emits lights pulses that break down the hair
follicle, thereby stopping hair growth. You can notice a slowdown in hair growth cycle
after the first procedure.

0% pain technology, suitable even for extremely sensitive skin

Skin rejuvenation function
By activating the phototherapy module, you can reduce fine facial wrinkles, improve
skin tone. This is an essential procedure to always maintain youthful skin.Even more ergonomic, even faster and even more advanced "Glowing skin" Fogiutte
Pro laser will be your secret to smoothest and softest skin!


Special laser goggles
User manual
l Worldwide 2-year warranty

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