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Ferrli 5 seconds Curling Set

Ferrli 5 seconds Curling Set

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Ferrli 5 seconds set with which you will create a curl in 5 seconds! This is the safest for hair - mirror titanium technology curling set. You can create many variations of curls with one device. The Ferrli 5 seconds set, which has no equal in the world, is especially loved by professionals.

Forms wave in an instant. When with a regular curler, holding the strand can last up to a minute. With this you will form awave in just 5 seconds.

The most expensive and safest plate technology. Mirror titanium and tourmaline, nominated as the safest hair plates in the world.

Negative ion generator. The Ferrli 5 seconds curling iron has a built-in negative ion generator, which makes the hair extremely shiny and pleasant touch after styling. The hai becomes healthier and smoother at the structure level. This is a MUST HAVE if the hair is damaged.

Innovative ultra-low molding temperature. When a regular curler forms a wave from 210 degrees, with the 5 seconds curler you will form a curl from 140 degrees. That's 70 degrees lower!

The natural moisture of the hair is maintained. Thanks to Ferrli 5 seconds technology, hair will retain its natural moisture.

Super shiny hair. The mirror coating technology produces the result of extremely shiny and smooth curls. With mirror titanium coating, the curls last even until the next head wash.

No damage to hair. The much shorter strand hold and the innovative temperature system will ensure that the hair will not suffer heat damage after styling, as with other styling devices.

3 different nozzles. Will make many different types of curls.

One device that changed the hairstyles of many women! With Ferrli 5seconds your life will change to!

Technical specifications:
Negative ion generator
Double coated mirror titanium and tourmaline plates
3 different nozzles in the set
2.5m long cable
The cord rotates 360 degrees
The package includes a glove.
A 2-year Global Warranty is provided.
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