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Bomby Styler Silk+ Hair Styling Dryer

Bomby Styler Silk+ Hair Styling Dryer

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Ferrli Bomby styler Silk+ is the latest technology styling dryer in the world. The latest technology, already in your hands... Bomby styler Silk+ instantly shapes hair while drying. It's even easier to achieve super straight or expressive curls shiny hairstyles.

Patented SILK+ brush technology
SILK+ technology gives hair even more shine and volume. In addition, the more powerful side makes hair styling even faster.

You will see soft boar bristles
Which are famous for the best smoothing and giving the most shine to the hair. In addition, you will find nylon bristles, which protect the hair the most and make the entire hairstyle extremely smooth.

Infrared technology
This is one of the most innovative technologies of our time, in devices. Infrared rays penetrate into the inside of the hair, protecting the outside of the hair cuticle, so the hair is less likely to break and split. Also, when drying over the entire length of the hair, it acquires a special shine.

Built-in silver ion generator
Which, acting at the structure level, will saturate the hair with millions of silver ions, so the hair will acquire a special shine and softness. It will become much healthier at the structural level. This is a particularly important point in devices if the hair is lightened.
Suitable for drying even particularly damaged hair

Thanks to its safest technology, Bomby Styler is designed to dry and shape even extremely damaged hair after dyeing or chemically damaged hair.

With Bomby Styler SILK+, you can dry, curl and give your hair a maximum shine so easy as never before! The latest technology of our time in one SILK+ device.
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