About the InfraV straightener

What makes this model so unique? And why are love it more and more? 

Let's discuss the main differences:

✔️So we start with the plates of this straightener
This model features double-coated plates it’s coated with tourmaline and ceramics plus with 3D mirror plate technology.
💕They make the hair look extremely straight and shiny after straightening and these double coating plates guarantee maximum protection for the hair.
✔️ Integrated infrared technology allows to straight the hair with the lowest temperature.
✔️ Infrared rays also close the scales of the hair when straightening the hair, as a result of which the hair breaks and cracks less. This method of straightening kills a lot of bacteria, which we have on the hair.
✔️The straightener plates themselves are equipped with 3D technology, as a result of which maximum adhesion to the hair can be guaranteed. This means every hair will be really well straightened and there is no need to press the straightener itself if this 3D technology is not integrated.
✔️ And another of the biggest pluses is the built-in negative ion generator that works at the level of the hair structure, reducing puffiness and doing shiny hair as possible! The hair has a cumulative effect, so the more you use this straightener the better is a result!

All these makes this straightener best in the beauty market today!

With love your InfraV 💙